AAOS Calendar
Set-up and Pre-Meeting Workshops begin @ 1:30PM, Main Meeting Begins @ 2:00PM

March 16 - 17           
Ann Arbor Orchid Festival
Set-Up    March 15

March 30 - 31
Michigan Orchid
Society Festival
Set-Up March 29

April 14
Workshop: Orchid Doctor - Bring in Plants with Concerns
Chris Steele
Growing Orchids on Plastic Mounts
May 19 
Workshop: Repotting Phalaenopsis
Janet Lamborn
Orchid Viruses

Sept 15
Workshop: Orchid Doctor - Bring in Plants with Concerns
Alan Koch
Oct 20
Workshop: Repotting Paphiopedilums
Nov 17
Workshop: Orchid Doctor - Bring in Plants with Concerns
Gary Meyer
Jan 12
Workshop: TBD
Fred Clarke
Australian Dendrobiums
What happens at an AAOS meeting?
  • Pre-Meeting Workshop: learn about orchid care topics such as repotting your orchid, spotting/treating disease, etc.
  • Talk from invited guest speaker
  • Orchid Show and Tell: members bring in their blooming plants and get a chance to talk about them and show off their blooms
  • Orchid raffle and/or auction
  • Purchase plants and accessories from guest speakers and vendors
  • Refreshments and light snacks
  • Socialize with other society members